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May 17, 2023

The salmon have been released

On Thursday, May 11th we successfully released 77 chum salmon fry into Byrne Creek at Ron McLean Park. more

March 8, 2023

PAC is hosting a Q&A with our Trustee Liason at our April PAC Meeting

Tweedsmuir PAC is hosting a Q&A with our Trustee Liason Cheryl Sluis at our April PAC Meeting more

March 1, 2023

Salmonids in Schools

Our teacher - Jasper Liu - was honored with an award for his long-term participation in the Salmonids in the Classroom program with the Department of Oceans and Fisheries. more

June 24, 2020

Access Report Cards Online

The MyEdBC Family Portal is the primary, best and easiest way to access your report cards. more

May 13, 2019

New Westminster Aquatic and Community Centre Project

The New Westminster Aquatic and Community Centre project is at the halfway point and wants to touch base with community members..... more

May 7, 2019

Mason Bees in the Garden

Our mason bee homes have been installed in the garden and the boxes of mason bee cocoons will be taped to the top of the homes.  It will take between 4-72 hours for the cocoons to hatch.  Ask your child about the importance of mason bees and why they are more efficient pollinators than honeybees.  more