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May 7, 2019

Mason Bees in the Garden

Our mason bee homes have been installed in the garden and the boxes of mason bee cocoons will be taped to the top of the homes.  It will take between 4-72 hours for the cocoons to hatch.  Ask your child about the importance of mason bees and why they are more efficient pollinators than honeybees.  Mason bees are quite docile and will not sting unless they are greatly provoked (eg: held tightly).   Please help our students to be mindful and respectful around the homes at all times. 

A few mason bee facts:

  • they live for only 6 weeks
  • they are smaller than honeybees and wasps and do not produce honey or beeswax
  • they are individuals, who do not live as part of a colony, but do like to live beside each other
  • the female mason bee plugs its hole with mud when enough pollen and nectar has been deposited and she has laid an egg
  • they are named after masons (people who work with brick and/or stone), because the mud they plug their nests with is similar to mortar that masons use

Have a look for for mason bees in our garden and on the grass slope below the playground.  Our garden beds our being replenished with new soil and seeds are being planted.  Enjoy our garden!

Respect.  Protect.  Connect.  Reflect.

Thank you for your ongoing support!