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May 17, 2023

The salmon have been released

On Thursday, May 11th we successfully released 77 chum salmon fry into Byrne Creek at Ron McLean Park. Those fry have now begun their long journey towards the Fraser River, onward to the Salish Sea, and eventually to the Pacific Ocean.

Unhatched chum salmon eggs arrived in January. As the fish slowly begin to hatch and grow, students checked in on them frequently, learning about how they grow, their typical behaviours and the role of salmon in their environment. The salmon babies (called alevin) were closely monitored by Mr Jasper Liu– keeping the pH, water temperature, and light levels “just right” so they grow at a healthy rate.

Now that the fish reach the fry stage, we released those fry.

Our teacher, Mr Liu has been raising salmon alongside his students for over a decade now.