About Us - School Overview

Welcome to École Lord Tweedsmuir!

École Lord Tweedsmuir Elementary, with its proud history of over 70 years, is pleased to offer Early French Immersion in addition to the regular program from kindergarten to grade five. We are proud to offer an environment that is safe and welcoming, and we strive to optimize every child’s readiness to learn, every day.

Our school must be a safe place where all students can learn.  You are a very important person who helps to make this possible.  It takes students, staff and parents working together to make École Lord Tweedsmuir Elementary School a safe and happy place to go to school. This will happen if we each:

  • Think about how other people feel;
  • Are kind to each other;
  • Remember to be polite and to be respectful;
  • Play together and have fun in safe ways;
  • Ask a staff member for help if there is a problem that we can’t solve.

Our Mission and Goal

Our mission is to provide educational programs that are diverse, student centered, and engaging for all learners.

Our school goal is to develop a shared vision and implementation plan for Social Emotional Learning that connects well-being and academic achievement using the Core Competencies.

School Information

Address: 1714 Eighth Avenue, New Westminster, B.C. V3M 2S7
Phone: 604-517-6070
Fax: 604-517-6071
Email: lordtweedsmuir@sd40.bc.ca

Grades Served: K-5 and Early French Immersion K-5

Principal:  Jen Richter
Vice-Principal: Isabella Lam
Secretaries: Paula Bates, Raquel Lamotte

Trustee: Danielle Connelly
PAC representative: Carrie Carlsen and Catherine Lamadine
School Community Coordinator:  Mattias Boon. Phone: 778-874-4700.  Email

Highlights at École Lord Tweedsmuir Elementary School

Maker Space

Our Maker Space gives students hands-on, creative ways to encourage students to design, experiment, build and invent. (more).... more

In the Zone…

The Zone Room helps students identify how they are feeling - and how to cope. (more).... more

School Garden

One of the highlights at École Lord Tweedsmuir Elementary is our school garden project..... more