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Traffic Safety/Parking

A crossing guard is provided at Eighth Avenue and 17th Street as well as behind the school on Hamilton Street.  Students are expected to obey their direction and, of course, we hope parents will lead by example.  Please remember to use the crosswalk.  Drivers are also asked to heed the lower speed zone and respect crossing guards who are helping students to cross.  We kindly request that parents adhere to the parking signage at the front of the school and that they refrain from parking/dropping off students in the staff parking lot at the back of the school.

Be A Safe Pedestrian

Tips for safe walking

  • Be careful at intersections. Watch for drivers turning left or right through the crosswalk. Drivers may be focused on oncoming traffic and not see you.
  • Always use crosswalks and follow the pedestrian signs and traffic signals.
  • Make eye contact with drivers, as it’s hard to see pedestrians when visibility is poor in fall and winter. Never assume that a driver has seen you.
  • Remove your headphones and take a break from your phone while crossing the road.
  • Be as reflective as possible to make it easier for drivers to see you in wet weather, at dusk and at night.


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