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The Phoning Program at École Lord Tweedsmuir Elementary School is designed to ensure the safe arrival of all students.  When attendance is taken by the classroom teacher, the office is notified of any student who is absent without prior notification.  If the office has also not received notification, the school will phone to confirm the child’s whereabouts.  When a student is expected to be away from school, it therefore becomes important that the office be notified of the child’s name, division number or teacher’s name, expected date/time of return and the reason for the absence.  If a student arrives late for any reason, either morning or afternoon, the office must be notified before going to the classroom so that both the office and the teacher are aware that the child has arrived.  This helps us eliminate unnecessary and sometimes upsetting phone calls to parents who believe their child is at school and then get a call from the office.  It should be reinforced, especially with younger children, that this process is an important and positive part of their safety routine.  If your child will be absent please call the school at 604-517-6070 or email lordtweedsmuir@sd40.bc.ca.

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