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April 25, 2019

Strategic Planning: Action Requested

We have launched our final community-wide Thoughtexchange (online forum) for the school year to collect input on our strategic planning process. The exchange will remain open for the rest of month and we are asking: What do you want see more or less of in our school district? What would you like to see done differently?

We hope you will be guided in your thinking by our aspiration at New Westminster Schools to see our values in action, no matter where we look: Inclusion, Innovation, Integrity, Collaboration, Engagement and Equity. Our online forum is the place where you can voice your ideas, see the ideas of others, and highlight what matters most to you.



Parents & Community Members:

To participate in any language other than English, you can use a Google Translate supported platform:

1) Visit

2) Enter “Hello” in your language of your choice (“Hola”, “Zdravo” , “你好“)

3) Enter the 9-digit code: 879 983 332


Please feel free to take advantage of this opportunity to have your voice heard.  More information can be found at